Giving a second youth to your boat is no longer an impossible dream.

By vinyl wrapping your boat, the hull of a 30-foot sailboat for example, can be completely coloured in just 2 days and at a lower cost (typically 30-60% less) than when using paint. Our team of professional vinyl boat wrapping specialists can transform your vessel into a masterpiece in no time using a unique, flexible, quick, cost-effective and durable solution that also protects your boat.

Hull Wraps


Bored of the colour of your hull? Hull wraps can provide a complete colour change and are 70% cheaper than paint. They are also fully reversible so if you change your mind or want to try out a new look you easily can.

At Yacht Wrapper we pride ourselves in the fact our hull wraps have a lifespan of 7+ years and are UV resistant, so require no more polishing! They are easy to maintain and also protect the original Gelcoat / Finish.

Here at Yacht Wrapper we can wrap 30 Metres in only 5 days!




Fast Applications


Easy To Maintain


Cost Efficient